Classes are typically held on the 4th Sunday of each month.

To view a list of our upcoming classes, please visit our Facebook Page.

We start at 0730!

We are currently doing the classroom portion of the course first, followed by the range portion.

Please remember that this is a CCW class, not a firearms instruction class. Please don't expect us to teach you how to shoot. If you need basic firearms instruction, you may take a private shooting lesson from us before the CCW course. Thank you.

Please see our Directions page for more details. Be sure that you know where you are supposed to be at least a day before the course starts. There is limited cell phone reception at the Carson Range and even if a call does come through, there is almost no way to hear it.

Please do not wait until the morning of the course to find out where the course it being held!

In order to register for any of our classes, prepayment is required.

To pay using a credit card/PayPal, please fill out the information below and make your $50 payment.
Please put your name (first and last), and your phone number in the "Name & Phone Number" box. In the "Date of Course" box, please put the date of the course you wish to attend (e.g., "April 19th, 2014").

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NV CCW Class

Classroom Location: 123 Nye Lane, Carson City, NV

Range Location: 4000 Flint Drive, Carson City, NV, 89701

You'll need to have a primary gun that you intend to carry, 50 rounds of ammunition for that gun, and a hip holster supported by a belt. Wear a pair of pants with a belt; please don't show up in sweats. If you are carrying a small pocket pistol we will work with you on how to carry it safely at the range.
For safety reasons we do not allow shoulder or cross draw holsters on the range.

As of October 2013, "A person applying for a permit may submit one application and obtain one permit to carry all handguns owned by the person. The person must not be required to list and identify on the application each handgun owned by the person. A permit is valid for any handgun which is owned or thereafter obtained by the person to whom the permit is issued." See NRS 202.3657 for more details.

In other words, you only need to demonstrate proficiency with one gun to obtain your CCW for any handgun that you legally own.

We shoot at 3 yards, 7 yards and 10 yards, at a man-sized target.  The qualification is not very demanding.  The reason we have you bring 50 rounds is so we can do some additional training with you at no extra cost.

Pack a lunch and dress for the weather. We shoot at the Carson range.  It's called the "Too Range," because it is always too hot, too cold, too windy, etc...

When you arrive at the range, put on your holster and put your gun in it, UNLOADED. Do not load your gun until you are on the firing line and the instructor tells you to load your gun.

Bring all 50 rounds with you to the firing line. If you have magazines or speed loaders, go ahead and load them.  Do not put the loaded magazine in the gun.

Upon completion of both the range qualification and classroom portions of the course you will be issued a certificate detailing what we covered in the classroom and what was shot at the range.

Afterward, you will take the certificate to your county sheriff's office and they will charge you approximately $100 for a background check, fingerprints and an ID card.  They have up to 120 days to process your application.

Cost: $50.00

UT CCW Class

Classroom Location: Call to Confirm

The NV permit covers 12 or 13 states and Utah covers 36; because there is some overlapping, if you have both permits you will have about 38 states covered.

The Utah class is usually held in the same building as the Nevada CCW course, and usually on Sundays.  It’s only 3 hours long and all you need to do is bring a passport-sized photo and a photocopy of your drivers license with you.

We charge $50 for the class and it is mostly paperwork.

Utah will charge you $51 dollars to process your application.

Cost: $50.00